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I puritani - 1835. v • d • m. Puritanii (în italiană I puritani) este o operă în 3 acte de Vincenzo Bellini, după un libret de Carolo Pepoli (inspirat după comedia Tètes rondes et cavaliers din 1833 a autorilor Jacques-François Ancelot și Xavier-Boniface Saintine, care la rândul lor s-au inspirat după romanul Old Mortality de Walter Scott din 1816) PURITANII | Opera Națională Română Cluj-Napoca Vincenzo Bellini, I Puritani - Vien, diletto, e in ciel la luna ! (Act 2)The Metropolitan Opera, 2007; Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (Patrick Summers), Choru.. PREMIERĂ NAȚIONALĂ Operă în trei acte I puritani este capodopera ce a încununat creația compozitorului italian Vincenzo Bellini, fiind remarcată și apreciată pentru bogăția melodicității sale și a simbolurilor profunde presărate cu inspirație și finețe de creator. Aceasta a fost ultima dintre cele zece opere compuse de Bellini, a cărui dispariție a fost prematură, la doar. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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I puritani - 1835. v • d • m. Norma este o operă (tragedie lirică) în două acte de Vincenzo Bellini , după un libret de Felice Romani (după tragedia omonimă a lui Alexandre Soumet). Premiera operei a avut loc la Teatro alla Scala (Scala) din Milano la 26 decembrie 1831 I puritani (auch I puritani di Scozia; Die Puritaner oder Die Puritaner von Schottland) ist eine Opera seria von Vincenzo Bellini. Sie wurde am 24. Sie wurde am 24. Januar 1835 im Théâtre-Italien in Paris uraufgeführt Les Puritains I puritani (en français: Les Puritains) est un opéra en 3 actes de Vincenzo Bellini sur un livret de Carlo Pepoli , basé sur un drame historique de Jacques-François Ancelot et Joseph Xavier Boniface (Saintine), Têtes rondes et Cavaliers . Anna Moffo en Elvira au Stadsschouwburg d'Amsterdam en 1962. Sommaire 1 Rôles 2 Naissance de l'opéra 3 La création 4 La version. Wiodące partie wykonywali najwięksi śpiewacy XIX i XX w. Opera, z założenia tenorowa, z najważniejszą partią Artura, pisaną dla legendarnego Rubiniego, stała się stopniowo domeną sopranów wykonujących partię Elwiry (podobnie było z wieloma innymi dziełami belkantowymi, np. Łucją z Lammermooru Donizettiego). Soprany zdominowały w tym czasie sceny, a partie pisane dla Rubiniego były (i nadal są) nieosiągalne dla większości tenorów

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I puritani e i cavalieri, più noto con il titolo breve I puritani, è un'opera seria in tre atti di Vincenzo Bellini su libretto di Carlo Pepoli, tratto dal dramma storico di Jacques-François Ancelot e Joseph Xavier Boniface (noto col nome di Saintine), Têtes rondes et Cavaliers.. Debuttò al Théâtre de la comédie italienne di Parigi il 24 gennaio del 1835, con esito trionfale He learns that King Charles's widow, Queen Enrichetta, is a prisoner in the castle and soon to be taken to trial in London. Alone with the queen, Arturo offers to save her even if it means his death. Elvira returns with the bridal veil and capriciously places it over Enrichetta's head I Puritani 【作曲者】 ヴィンチェンツォ・ベッリーニ 【台本】 カルロ・ペーポリ 【初演】 1835年1月23日 パリ、イタリア劇場 【上演時間】 2時間30分 (第一部75分、第2部45分、第3部30分) 【登場人物】 エルヴィーラ(S) ヴァルトン卿の娘で、清教徒 For opera lovers, the Washington Opera Company's I Puritani is a rare and excellent opportunity to enjoy this unique opera in an excellent concert production. Running time: 133 minutes. Washington Opera Company's I Puritani is pre-recorded concert, filmed at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall in Alexandria, VA

I puritani (Puritanii) este ultima operă compusă de Vincenzo Bellini și a fost prezentată la Paris chiar în anul dispariției acestuia, 1835 (33 de ani). Este cam ultima lucrare de belcanto pur, însemnând partituri pentru tenor și soprană în care acutele, aproape inumane, abundă Dominanta producţiei cu Puritanii de la Opera Naţională Română Cluj-Napoca a fost cea muzicală, prin filonul belcantist indus în interpretare de şeful de orchestră. - Fotografii de Nicu Cherciu - (Textul a fost publicat anterior în Revista CULTURA- seria a III-a, nr. 11 (555), joi 22 decembrie 2016 I Puritani is Bellini's final opera, and for some, his best. The opera had its premiere on Jan. 24, 1835, seven months before the composer's untimely death at the age of 33. The work is often criticized for its dramatic structure, though few complain about its musical genius, showcasing Bellini at his most refined and evolved melodically. Short Plot Summary {

Nightly Met Opera Streams During this extraordinary and difficult time, the Met hopes to brighten the lives of our audience members even while our stage is dark. Each day, a different encore presentation from the company's Live in HD series is being made available for free streaming on the Met website, with each performance available for a period of 23 hours, from 7:30 p.m. EDT until 6:30 p.m. the following day Tentokrát zavítáme za Elvírou z Belliniho Puritánů do poloviny 17. století, abychom zjistili, že naše hrdinka zešílí v okamžiku, kdy se vše nevyvíjí tak, jak původně očekávala. Měla totiž před svatbou, která se nekonala, alespoň ne hned v prvním dějství. V hlavní roli Elvíry se představí ruská sopranistka Anna. For this production, Opera de Oviedo could not have obtained a better choice for Arturo than John Osborn. The tenor has been praised and even noted to have similar vocal qualities to those of Rubini's and in this production, he displayed how I Puritani should be sung

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Vincenzo Bellini's I puritani offers everything that makes bel canto opera so appealing: virtuosic coloratura, mad scenes, large choral tableaux, dramatic duets, and tenors singing high notes. The all-star cast assembled for this revival is led by Russian soprano Irina Lungu, American tenor Lawrence Brownlee, and Romanian baritone George Petean Пуритане; Puritanii; Puritanerna (opera); Պուրիտաններ (օպերա); Purytanie (opera); Puritanci (opera); Puritaanit (ooppera); A puritánok; 清教徒 (オペラ); Los puritanos de Escocia; Пуритани; 清教徒 (歌劇); 清教徒 (歌剧); 清教徒; Puritáni (opera); 清教徒(歌剧); Puritanerne; Puritaanid (ooper); المتشددو The opera, I Puritani, by Vincenzo Bellini, was set in England, against the backdrop of the English civil war of the 1640s that divided the nation between the largely Puritan supporters of Parliament under Oliver Cromwell (the Roundheads) and the Anglican and Catholic Royalists faithful to the Stuart monarchy (the Cavaliers). When the music begins, King Charles has already had his head whacked off Bellini's I Puritani: Directed by Gary Halvorson. With Patrick Summers, Beverly Sills, Renée Fleming, Margaret Juntwait. England, 1640s. Civil war and politics interfere with Elvira's plans to marry Arturo, because he is helping Queen Elizabeth escape from the rebels. Elvira doesn't understand any of this, so she goes stark raving mad and sings a cadenza while lying flat on her back, her head.

Puritanerna (italienska: I puritani di Scozia, eller endast I puritani) är en opera i fyra akter av Vincenzo Bellini. Librettot av Carlo Peopoli bygger på ett drama Têtes Rondes et Cavaliers av Jacques-Arsène Ancelot och Joseph Xavier Boniface Saintine, i sin tur efter Walter Scotts Old Moralit Set in England during the Civil War, Bellini's last opera I puritani opposes Royalist cavaliers and rebellious Puritans. Its sweeping historical drama and romantic intrigues drew rapturous music of melancholy intensity from the composer. For the first time, this production includes the entire score written for the work's Paris premiere. Los puritanos de Escocia, más conocida solo como Los puritanos, es una ópera en tres actos con música de Vincenzo Bellini y libreto en italiano de Carlo Pepoli, basado en el drama Têtes rondes et cavaliers, de Jacques-François Ancelot y X. Boniface Saintine. Algunos indican que el libreto también está basado en la novela Old Mortality de Walter Scott, pero otros solo encuentran relación con el lugar y los hechos políticos que son narrados. Se estrenó el 24 de enero de 1835 en el.


I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini in Italian with German supertitles England during the Civil War between the Royalist cavaliers and the Puritanical Roundheads under the reign of Oliver Cromwell: Elvira, who is supposed to marry the Puritan Riccardo against her will, is imagining herself as free and far away from the besieged Puritan fortress that. As well as Piero Cappuccilli and Nicolai Ghiaurov. Conductor - Richard Bonynge. Opera - I Puritani. Composer - Vincenzo Bellini. Listen to beautiful dynamics of the performance as well as the unbelievable ringing C# mid way through the recording by Pavarotti. This recording was made in 1973 and released by Decca Recordings in 1987 Puritanii (I PURITANI) - spectacol înregistrat în anul 2013 la Opera din Paris TVR.RO | Luni, 28 Octombrie 2019 Sâmbătă, 2 noiembrie, de la ora 20.00, urmăriţi la TVR 3 spectacolul de operă în 3 acte semnat de Vincenzo Bellini I Puritani. de Vincenzo Bellini. Opera Națională Română din Cluj-Napoca va susține miercuri, 8 martie, de la ora 18:30, un spectacol extraordinar, oferit în dar tuturor doamnelor și domnișoarelor.. Operă în 3 acte. GIUSEPPE SABBATINI (invitat) - Dirijor ANDRÁS KÜRTHY - Regia artistic

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  1. Možná hledáte: operu Puritáni ( I puritani) Vincenza Belliniho. Termínem Puritáni (z lat. puritas, čistota, ryzost) se označují křesťanské skupiny, které vznikly jako výsledek Anglické reformace, kterou započal Jindřich VIII. Tudor v 16. století
  2. Belliniho posledná opera Puritáni, ktorú skladateľ prežil len o niekoľko mesiacov, oslávi 24. januára 185. výročie od svojej parížskej premiéry
  3. 概要. 1833年3月にヴェネツィアのフェニーチェ劇場で初演されたオペラ『 テンダのベアトリーチェ (イタリア語版、英語版) 』が不評に終わり、失望したベッリーニは同年の秋に、念願だったパリへ移住する。 そこで巻き返しを期して作曲されたのが『清教徒』であった

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  1. I puritani. Known as a masterpiece of Romantic opera, it was staged for the first time in the Teatro Real in June 2016, with an exceptional cast including Diana Damrau, Javier Camarena, Venera Gimadieva and Celso Albelo, with the Teatro Real Orchestra and Chorus. This is the last opera by Bellini, who died at the young age of 34 after having.
  2. I PURITANI. Operă în 3 acte de Vincenzo Bellini. GIUSEPPE SABBATINI (invitat) - Dirijor. ANDRÁS KÜRTHY - Regia artistică. VALENTIN CODOIU - Scenografia. ANCA OPRIȘ POPDAN - Coregrafia. SIMONFI SANDOR - Lordul Gualtiero Valton. PETRU BURCĂ - Sir Giorgio. STEFAN VON KORCH (invitat) - Lordul Arturo Talbo
  3. De opera in Frankfurt bracht op 3 september de Gekürzte Fassung (première) van I Puritani, een ingekorte versie dus van hun productie uit 2018.. I Puritani heeft een waanzinsscène, een groot voordeel voor elke opera. Elvira heeft warme gevoelens voor Lord Arturo Talbot (royalist), maar haar vader, Lord Valton (anti-royalist) had Sir Riccardo Forth (anti-royalist) voor haar op het oog
  4. Subiectul operei reînvie perioada Revoluției engleze din secolul al XVII-lea, a confruntărilor dintre armata de puritani condusă de Cromwell și partizanii familiei Stuart (cavalerii regaliști), acțiunea petrecându-se în apropierea portului Plymouth și focalizându-se pe povestea de dragoste dintre Elvira - fiica lordului Gualtiero.
  5. I Puritani is regarded as Bellini's masterpiece, and was last performed in Melbourne by the Victoria State Opera in 1986. Melbourne Opera's new production is mounted in honour of its Patrons Dame Joan Sutherland OM AC DBE and Maestro Richard Bonynge AO CBE, true keepers of the bel canto flame. Directed by Hugh Halliday. Conducted by Richard.
  6. Ambrosian Opera Chorus; Philharmonia Orchestra/Riccardo Muti rec. 18, 21-24, 29-30 June, 1, 4 July 1979, Kingsway Hall, London It is tempting to speculate what could have become of his future career, considering that I puritani partly points in new directions with longer scenes and more advanced orchestral writing. In the main, though, his.
  7. An opera about the Puritans?As improbable as that sounds, such a work premiered on this day, January 25, 1835 in Paris.. The opera, I Puritani, by Vincenzo Bellini, was set in England, against the backdrop of the English civil war of the 1640s that divided the nation between the largely Puritan supporters of Parliament under Oliver Cromwell (the Roundheads) and the Anglican and Catholic.

Of all opera composers, none glorified the human voice more than Bellini. His final opera was I Puritani, in which a soprano, tenor, baritone, and bass can truly revel in some of the most thrilling vocal music ever written.Opera companies produce this work only when they can cast fabulous singers with masterful techniques and superb style O operă de excepție și o premieră rară: I PURITANI, de Vincenzo Bellini. Opera Naţională Română din Cluj-Napoca are plăcerea de a vă adresa una dintre cele mai speciale și rare invitații ale Stagiunii lirice 2016-2017 la ultima premieră a acestui an: I PURITANI, de Vincenzo Bellini, pusă în scenă duminică, 11. I Puritani, opera in drie bedrijven van Vincenzo Bellini op een tekst van Carlo Pepoli naar Walter Scott. Het werk werd voor het eerst opgevoerd in het Théâtre des Italiens te Parijs op 25 januari 1835. Bijgewoonde voorstelling door de Opéra Royal de Wallonie in het Théâtre Royal de Liège op 20 juni 2019

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  1. Orchestra, Corul și Ansamblul de Balet al Operei Naționale Române din Cluj-Napoca. Bellini a compus I puritani pentru Théâtre Italien, după sosirea sa la Paris, în anul 1833, premiera absolută având loc pe aceeași scenă pariziană la 24 ianuarie 1835, cu un succes remarcabil, ce avea să rămână în istoria lirică universală.
  2. I PURITANI. Opera in tre atti. Libretto di Carlo Pepoli Musica di Vincenzo Bellini. Prima rappresentazione: il 25 gennaio 1835, Théâtre Italien, Parig
  3. Production title : I Puritani - The Metropolitan Opera (2017) Creation date : 2017. Work - Composer : I puritani - Vincenzo Bellini. Opera house : The Metropolitan Opera. Description The art of bel canto will take center stage in Bellini's lyrical jewel. The electrifying Diana Damrau is Elvira, gripped by madness and love; Javier Camarena, a.
  4. ică, 11 decembrie 2016, de la ora 18:30. Capodopera ce a încununat creația compozitorului italian, o operă bogată în melodicitate și simboluri profunde, aduce în premieră națională pe scena Operei clujene un.
  5. The 2020-21 Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcast season continues with Bellini's ravishing final work, I Puritani, in an encore broadcast from 2017. It featured two stars of bel canto opera: soprano Diana Damrau as the fragile Puritan maiden Elvira, and tenor Javier Camarena as Arturo, her fiancé and an opponent of her people in the English.

Puritanii (I PURITANI) - spectacol înregistrat în anul 2013 la Opera din Paris luni, 28 octombrie 2019 Sâmbătă, 2 noiembrie, de la ora 20.00, urmăriţi la TVR 3 spectacolul de operă în 3 acte semnat de Vincenzo Bellini La nouvelle saison de l'Opéra de Paris s'ouvre avec une reprise des Puritains de Bellini dans la production de Laurent Pelly créée en novembre 2013. Nous avions souligné à l'époque le caractère épuré... I Puritani - Bellini - Riccardo Frizza, Laurent Pelly, Jean-François Marras, Luc Bertin-Hugault - Paris (Bastille) - 10/09/2019. Opera Online, the opera lovers' web site. Schedule. February 27, 2021 19:00:00. March 02, 2021 19:00:00. March 06, 2021 19:00:0

Opera Naţională Română din Cluj-Napoca are plăcerea de a vă adresa una dintre cele mai speciale și rare invitații ale Stagiunii lirice 2016-2017 la ultima premieră a acestui an: I PURITANI, de Vincenzo Bellini, pusă în scenă duminică, 11 decembrie 2016, de la ora 18:30 I puritani. Ópera en tres actos.Libreto de Carlo Pepoli. Estreno absoluto: 24/01/1835, Théâtre des Italiens de París. Estreno en Barcelona: 14/12/1836, Teatre de la Santa Creu Giulio Grisi & Giovanni Mario in I puritani.jpg 222 × 300; 26 KB. I puritani e i cavalieri - opera seria in tre parti da rappresentarsi nel Regio Teatro nel carnovale del 1841 alla presenza delle LL. SS. RR. MM (IA ipuritanieicaval00pepo 2).pd

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The original stage production of I Puritani was made possible by generous gifts from the Metropolitan Opera Board of Directors Members of the Association and Patron Here's where to get your weekly opera fix, presented by one of the greatest Canadian opera stars of all time. Ben Heppner hosts Saturday Afternoon at the Opera on radio and online. What's m ore.

Washington Concert Opera lost a season and a half to the closures, but it has found a virtual solution by streaming highlights from Bellini's I Puritani, recorded on the same day of a cancelled live performance last month. At ninety minutes, the selection of arias and ensembles represented a little over half of the composer's final opera. Comments:- *Recording of a performance at the New York City Opera (February 1975). The CDRs issued by Premiere are included in their list of «latest offerings» dated 16 May 2005. Here the date of the performance recorded is given as 25 February 1975, but I Puritani was not performed at the City Opera on that day Vincenzo Bellini (n. 3 noiembrie 1801, Catania, Italia - d. 23 septembrie 1835, Puteaux, Île-de-France, Franța) a fost compozitor italian de operă.Operele sale se remarcă prin reliefarea personajelor feminine, neîndreptățite de destin (Somnambula, Norma, Beatrice di Tenda, Puritanii). Își numește lucrările tragedii lirice ori melodrame (melodramma) Tomorrow is the day! Please join us for the premiere of I PURITANI: Recorded in Concert @ 3 PM ET (concertopera.org) or as many times as you want between then and July 26.We can't wait for you to see it


În cadrul seriei de spectacole de arhivă transmise on-line de Metropolitan Opera House din New York, în cursul zilei de azi poate fi urmărită o înregistrare din 6 ianuarie 2007 a spectacolului Puritanii de Vincenzo Bellini. La acea dată, rolurile principale au fost interpretate de soliştii Anna Netrebko, Eric Cutler, Franco Vassallo şi John Relyea... Metropolitan Opera. For more than seven decades, the Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts have brought opera into millions of homes, playing a vital and unparalleled role in the development and appreciation of opera in this country. The broadcasts debuted on Dec. 25, 1931, with Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, and are now the longest-running. Bellini: I Puritani / Act 3 - Suon d'araldi? is a popular song by Louis Quilico & Paul Plishka & Nicolai Gedda & Beverly Sills & London Philharmonic Orchestra & Julius Rudel & Ambrosian Opera Chorus & John McCarthy | Create your own TikTok videos with the Bellini: I Puritani / Act 3 - Suon d'araldi? song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators The title was chosen because of the popularity of Scott's novel Old Mortality (1816), titled in French Les puritains d'Ecosse (1817) and in Italian I puritani di Scozia (1825). This popular work broke new ground in its unusual rhythmic phrase lengths, its extended time scale in the Wagnerian manner, its bel canto style that was modified to fit.

I puritani : opera in tre atti Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. EMBED. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item <description> tags) Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! No_Favorite. Lyric Opera of Chicago · Bellini: I puritani (Live) Act One. As dawn breaks, Bruno Robertson leads the Puritan soldiers in prayer before they set about their duties. Villagers enter in a festive mood and announce that it is Elvira's wedding day. Sir Riccardo Forth appears, brooding and in despair Other articles where I puritani is discussed: Vincenzo Bellini: The result was I puritani (1835), the last of Bellini's nine operas; although handicapped by an inept libretto, it is in many ways his most ambitious and beautiful work Based on the eponymous play by Victorien Sardou, Puccini's opera brings together all the elements of a melodrama: love, politics, violence and religion. Set against the backdrop of the struggle for Italian independence, Tosca is a tragic tale of thwarted love between a passionate, jealous and impulsive singer and a romantic, idealistic. In Vincenzo Bellini's last opera, Elviras love for Arturo overcomes the power-games in Puritan England, staged with darkly dramatic flair by Francisco Negrin as a world of blind dogma. Mariola Cantarero is compelling as the heroine on the verge of insanity in one of the greatest mad scenes in the history of opera. One of the leading lyric tenors today, John Osborn sings Arturo with fearless.

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Puritanci (ital. I puritani) so opera v treh dejanjih Vincenza Bellinija; v skladateljevem opusu so njegovo zadnje odrsko-glasbeno delo. Libreto je po sporu in prekinitvi prijateljstva z Romanijem napisal grof Carlo Pepoli.Za osnovo besedila je vzel literarno predlogo Têtes Rondes et Cavalieres avtorjev Jacquesa-Françoisa Ancelota in Josepha Xaviera Saintinea, katerih delo pa povzema roman. Guardare l'opera: I puritani di Bellini. Nell'ottobre del 1833, Vincenzo Bellini giunge a Parigi, per comporre quella che sarà la sua ultima opera: I Puritani, dal dramma Tetes rondes et Cavaliers di Jacques François Polycarped Ancelot e Joseph Xavier Boniface, a sua volta ispirato a un romanzo di Walter Scott, che andranno in scena. Nella cultura di massa. Processo alle streghe di Salem, famoso episodio provocato dalla caccia alle streghe avvenuto nel 1692. I puritani, opera teatrale di Vincenzo Bellini ( 1834 - 1835) La lettera scarlatta, romanzo di Nathaniel Hawthorne ( 1850 ), il quale ha ispirato varie trasposizioni cinematografiche

Daniele Gatti - Chief conductor of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. 07/07/2021 07/07/2021. Siberia by Umberto Giordano, for the first at the Teatro del Maggio, from 7 to 16 July 2021. 07/02/2021 23/05/2021. Updates on our program postponed and canceled I puritani e i cavalieri, meglio conosciuto con il titolo breve I puritani, è un'opera seria in tre atti di Vincenzo Bellini su libretto di Carlo Pepoli, tratto dal dramma storico di Jacques-François Ancelot e Joseph Xavier Boniface: Têtes rondes et Cavaliers. Ultima opera di Bellini, fu composta in nove mesi, dall'aprile del 1834 al gennaio del 1835, un tempo eccezionalmente lungo per l. I Puritani: Paris Opera. Set in 17th century England, Bellini's story of hopeless love and revenge is conveyed by some of the most beautiful vocal writing ever: Michele Mariotti conducts I Puritani in a production by Laurent Pelly. Performed in Italian, with english and french subtitles. There are currently no event dates available Dopo molte resistenze, Riccardo torna a sentire l'antico spirito di nobiltà, ed accoglie le parole di Valton: anziché portare a compimento il suo piano efferato, affronterà a viso aperto in battaglia il rivale, nello scontro ormai prossimo e definitivo tra i Puritani di Cromwell e i Cavalieri fedeli agli Stuart. Scoppia un violento uragano

Introduction et Polonaise de l'opéra I puritani Alt ernative. Title Composer Liszt, Franz: Opus/Catalogue Number Op./Cat. No. S.391 ; LW.A74 I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. No. IFL 203 Key D major Movements/Sections Mov'ts/Sec's: 1 piece Year/Date of Composition Y/D of Comp. 1840-41 First Pub lication. 1841 Average Duration Avg. Duration: 6 minute I puritani is a Bellini opera famous for the difficulties of the male lead part. It was written for Rubini, who had an exceptionally high, agile voice, and it's not so easy to find a tenor with such characteristics. Juan Diego Flórez sang this role only once (I believe): in Bologna, 2008, and I misse 『清教徒(I Puritani)』は、ベッリーニによって作曲された最後のオペラです。 初演を大成功し飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢いのベッリーニでしたが、『清教徒』初演のわずか8か月後に病により亡くなりました。 『清教徒』はベッリーニを代表するオペラであると同時に、歌手にとって演奏の難しい. I Puritani- Lyric Opera- The opera takes place at a fortress near Plymouth during the English Civil War of the 1640s. Elvira is betrothed to Sir Riccardo Forth, a Puritan colonel, although she is not in love with him. Instead, she loves Arturo Talbot, a Cavalier and a Stuart sympathizer, who loves her in return. Once aware of Elvira's unhappiness, Elvira's uncle, Sir Giorgio, convinces her.

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I puritani è un'opera di Bellini famosa per la difficoltà del ruolo principale maschile. La parte fu scritta per Rubini, che aveva una voce acutissima e di grande agilità, e non è facile trovare un tenore con queste caratteristiche. Juan Diego Flórez cantò questo ruolo una volta sola (credo), a Bologna nel 2008, e i Synopsis. Set against the context of the English Civil War, Bellini's I puritani is a story of romance and heartache between two members of opposing factions. As the daughter of Lord Valton, Elvira is a puritan. She has fallen in love with Sir Arturo Talbo, a Royalist and supporter of the Stuarts, and will not be happy unless she can marry him Vincenzo Bellini: I Puritani. Opera seria in tre atti di Carlo Pepoli. A cura di Fabrizio Della Seta (specimen I puritani (De puriteinen) is een opera in drie bedrijven van Vincenzo Bellini, voor het eerst uitgevoerd aan het Théâtre-Italien in Parijs op 24 januari 1835. Het libretto is van Graaf Carlo Pepoli, gebaseerd op Têtes rondes et Cavaliers van Jacques-François Ancelot en Joseph Xavier Saintine.In dezelfde tijd componeerde Bellini een alternatieve versie, bedoeld voor Maria Malibran, die het. The beauties of I Puritani are subtle; the opera is no crowd-pleaser. You can understand why mounting a new production may not be a priority. Still, if the Met is going to stick with a drab.

Puritanii cu soprana Anna Netrebko - propunere on-line a Operei Metropolitan Publicat: joi, 7 Ianuarie 2021 , ora 0.00 În cadrul seriei de spectacole de arhivă transmise on-line de Metropolitan Opera House din New York, în cursul zilei de azi poate fi urmărită o înregistrare din 6 ianuarie 2007 a spectacolului Puritanii de. Lyric Opera's latest Bellini production is almost as impressive as last year's Norma. While both feature (d) fantastic casts and beautifully-rendered sets and costumes, I Puritani suffers a bit from age. First created for the Metropolitan Opera in the 1970s, this production features a rather unwieldy set that results in slow scene changes I PURITANI Bellini, Parigi, e I Puritani Beatrice di Tenda, la nona opera di Vincenzo Bellini, fu rappresentata al Teatro La Fenice di Venezia nella primavera del 1833; fu il solenne fiasco della Beatrice, per citare Bellini stesso. Durante la sua preparazione Bellini aveva litigato col librettista Felic